Philly 2003

Philadelphia 2003

The SWAN booth- Red Wine - Chocolates - Demo and CD's

Yasmin                           DMlevy                  Cabinfever

Marty Fleisher

Ron Smith

The heart of all NABCs- The ACBL tournament staff

Raija Reisig

Rich Reisig

Entertainment with Larry Cohen and David Berkowitz

Fred Allenspach

Allan Mazer

The NABC vugraph room for the Vanderbilt finals

The bulletin heartbeat - Henry Francis

*Casino night* one of the many fun hospitality events at the Philly NABC

Many thanks to O_O_O and Cabinfever
for their wonderful help with the SWAN booth

SWISS team'ing it the last Sunday in Philly!

Haig Tchamitch - known among friends as Hagar the horrible!

David Lindop

Jeff 'the magic dragon' Johnston

Casino night again!  What a party

Live tournaments are great fun - Check schedule at your national federation

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