Mecsek Cup 2003

Mecsek Cup 2003

Photos courtesy of István Szvitacs

My Dear Staff-Friends!
First of all: a wish you a very happy New Year!
The main object of my letter to inform you from a very good hungarian bridge tournament.
On the end of last weak we (City Club of Pécs) organized the largest hungarian country Tournament (named Mecsek Cup (Mecsek is the name of our hill at Pécs)).
That was a very nice Tourney with paticipation of a large number of hungarian and foreign SWANNIES. (Antiboy, DeclevaL, GeorgHu, Gyurci, Hgyuri, Kovi, Kzozo, MateLaci, Rand, Szistvan, Syl, Vagyuri, Tom27 and Geweisz from Germany).
We played Thursday and Friday team tournament (37 team, 11 round, 8 boards/round).The best Pecser Team reached 2. place. The best result was reached by the pair Geweisz_Vagyuri (3. place).
Saturday and Sunday was organised MP pair tournament (78 pairs). In this form the best results were the next:
2. place: Vagyuri_Geweisz
15. place: Me and my hungarian pd (Péter Cziráky)
20. place: Antiboy - GeorgHu.
I made some photos, and to illustrate my letter i send you from those!
See you in the Club today!
Yours: szistvan
P.S. For the next year tourney I would like to invite all SWAN player! The participation and the journey to Hungary probably will be a great experience and adventure!

Vagyuri      DeclevaL            


DeclevaL and reporter from city television


Geweisz Matelaci


Hgyuri and Rand

Hgyuri and Rand


Szistvan   and   Cziráky


Trinn  and   DeclevaL

Many thanks from us at SWAN to szistvan
 for his nice letter and for sharing these great photos.

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